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Abundance Checklist is a series of 10 questions (problem-solution format). I know that people like to use affirmations for manifestation, but become frustrated when they don’t work. This is because “affirmations” only work if the words are actually AFFIRMING a belief that we already have. If you don’t believe in your mantra, it won’t do anything for you. This is why this checklist is a series of questions to ask yourself – and solutions to correct the problem.

Go through the whole list every time you are working on the manifestation of something to clear the resistance (Lower Self interference patterns of disbelief) and free your ability to manifest.

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And if you haven’t had a chance to read my post FOUR MONEY MINDSET FIXERS! – its ok, you can do it by clicking here. I was sharing about how to fix a negative money-mindset, and you can implement these strategies for yourself by figuring out which of the four categories you fall into, and follow the steps laid out in my blog!

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