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this masterclass will help you:

  • Feel CONNECTED to the Bigger Picture by experiencing the birth of a Stargate
  • RECEIVE MULTIDIMENSIONAL DOWNLOADS and see them have IMMEDIATE IMPACT on your everyday life
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR ROLE in the planetary ascension by differentiating between Starseeds, Forerunners, and other-dimensional beings, so that you can finally ACTIVATE YOUR MISSION on Earth that you are MEANT to do
  • Meet the 10D-12D Kadishtu Guardians and LEARN ABOUT the SOUL LINEAGES of the 5 Guardian races who are long-term involved with the Transcension Gate project in our Solar System
  • Track the “star-being genealogy” of how the Kadishtu Guardians relate to various progenitors (the Ancients) from which all of the current Beings in this Universe came
  • IGNITE YOUR PATH and add your own energy into the Stargate so that you CONFIDENTLY stand in your SOUL POWER and unapologetically OWN YOUR WORTH
  • ACTIVATE your INNER STARGATE by matching the triple Transcension Gate portal in the Sun

see you inside the portal!