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Feel CONNECTED to the Bigger Picture. ♦ Learn to confidently stand in your Soul power and unapologetically own your worth. ♦ Finally activate your “mission on Earth” that you are meant to do. ♦ “Stay in the loop” of the cosmic changes and receive monthly PLANETARY UPDATES! ♦ Integrate and implement the teachings and see them have IMMIDIATE IMPACT on your everyday life! ♦ Get “front row seat” in all MAJOR PLANETARY EVENTS involving timeline changes, energy-code upgrades, non-physical beings’ involvement, the activity of the Solar Council and multidimensional Guardians! ♦ Ignite your Soul powers and ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE in the PLANETARY projects directly. ♦ Have your QUESTIONS ANSWERED. ♦ FEEL SUPPORTED and UNDERSTOOD by the energy-similar people.

Each Monthly Transcension Bundle includes:

♦  Weekly ENERGY-DOWNLOADS (every Monday night!) to keep you ALIGNED with the Higher 3D Earth and multidimensional Source templates of this Universe;

♦  MENTORING masterclass from me, Kadishtu Guardians, and anyone else who “drops in” on how to walk your TRANSCENSION SPIRAL PATH daily with CLARITY and EASE;

♦  Specific MEDITATIONS from the Solar Council to SUPPORT you through the planetary adjustments, so that you remain in your HIGHER SELF no matter what goes on around you, and walk your path with CONFIDENCE & PURPOSE; 

♦  ET SPOTLIGHT showcasing a particular Star beings’ involvement in the SOLAR COUNCIL MEETINGS each month, guiding you to how you can do your part & become a SOULFUL BUILDER of a harmonious world!

♦  A MULTIDIMENTIONAL COMMUNITY of non-physical conscious Guardians & currently incarnate energy-similar and like-minded Starseeds and Forerunners of Ascension on Earth!

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for your Soul

MEMBERSHIP: $97 per month

It will cost you LESS that ONE CUP OF COFFEE per day!



Transcension Gate Membership - monthly
Transcension Bundle: weekly multidimensional energy transmissions; monthly Transcension Mentoring, ET Spotlight to connect with various Star Beings, specific Meditations to help the planet, humanity, and yourself + continuous support of the Transcension Gate community.
$97.00 every month
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