The New Year 2024 Initiation!

December 31st, 2023 @11pm

8-hour energy transmission

During this energy-transmission you will:

  • Receive support in shedding the old energies you have outgrown;
  • Amplify your health, wellbeing, power, and abundance for 2024!
  • Tap into vitality of your body – the hidden-until-now resources;
  • Anchor your specific INTENTIONS for 2024
  • Connect to your Energy Guides and allow your next steps to unfold for you with ease and grace;
  • Add your support for the human collective consciousness for PEACE, Abundance, and Harmony for all on Earth.
  • Support the animal and nature communities – I will broadcast all this beautiful energy we generate to them so animals and plants can heal.

To prepare, journal on these questions:

  1. What old stories am I ready to shed, to leave behind?
  2. Who do I need to BE to feel empowered, free, and purposeful?
  3. What intention do I have for my physical body for 2024?
  4. Am I willing to trust the Universe that my next steps will open up in front of me, and that I already have/will have everything I need?
  5. What is the most harmonious future I envision for myself and humanity?

How it works:

This energy download begins at 11pm in your time zone on the night of December 31st and continues until 7am in your time zone (8 hours).

If you choose to stay home, be in your own space and energy, journal and meditate on the questions above, then go to sleep as the energy continues to flow into you till 7am in your time zone on January 1st.

If you choose to celebrate by going out, having some champagne, hanging out with other people – that is fine too, the energy will still be flowing into you till 7am in your time zone on January 1st. Just make sure you journal or meditate PRIOR to heading out to set your intentions.

Please PAY BELOW. If you want to also pay for your friend, relative, spouse

– just do the payment again (separate transaction on your account)

and then email me at who you are paying for (so I can include them into the transmission).

Thank you.

Night-time Energy Transmission (NIGHT QUAD)
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