Services by Eugenia Oganova


Energy Transmission

8 hours on Tuesday nights

A night-time download into your energy field while your Ego-personality is “out of the way”. It is like being submerged in a healing resonance for a night!

Our personal energy matrices have to match the planetary changes to receive the greatest evolutionary benefit.



Life Direction

90 min. Mentoring Session

  • clarify your life’s PURPOSE,
  • identify KARMIC patterns that you need to focus working on this lifetime,
  • explain the spiritual CAUSES of the events in your life,
  • provide INSTRUCTIONS and specific advice on what you can do to improve your situation.



Healing Energy

30 min. review + 60 min. healing

  • Realign your body to the etheric Health Blueprint
  • Reconstruct healthy patterns 
  • Receive INSTRUCTIONS for what to do to maintain the positive changes 

You can bring up ONE issue for which you desire support, clarity, and healing.





Energy tune-up +  Mentoring via Email

You can bring up ONE issue you are struggling with and need clarification and healing for between appointments.



Soul Superpowers


A full day workshop on your Superpowers through the Soul Archetypes within the Earth Simulation

Learn your dominant and secondary SOUL ARCHETYPE;

Find your Soul Superpower for this lifetime;

Understand the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE ways to APPLY your Soul Superpower onto your life.


Soul Strategy


Higher 3D Earth Abundance Soul Strategy for your business

For DRIVEN female entrepreneurs

to ALIGN with their SOUL Contract

and create a PURPOSEFUL, SOUL-RICH and LUCRATIVE business

that they are 100% IN LOVE with!

Private Healing Session


FOR THE PHONE SESSION: You call me at the scheduled time. You need to have pen and paper to take notes – I find this to be very useful because by writing the information down you anchor it better. You can also record the session if you wish (I don’t do it on my end).

Have a list of a few concerns ready to get started.

For the first 30 min. of your appointment we will talk about these issues. Your energy field opens up as you talk, revealing to me all sorts of patterns and misalignments. Depending on what your concerns were, I will explain to you the spiritual CAUSES of the events in your life and of your medical/health conditions, provide specific advice and INSTRUCTIONS on what you can do to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and health situations.

For the remaining 55 min. we will hang up the phone, as you relax and tune in, while I work on your energy system and your physical body. During this process I correct the imbalances I see, consult with your energy guides, your Soul and your Contract (the plan your Soul has designed for this lifetime). I work on all levels of the energy field, clearing your system from the conceptual baggage all the way down through the astral, mental and emotional levels, anchoring the modifications in the etheric field, and subatomic and cellular levels. I also reconstruct the energy patterns which were torn or broken, weaving your energy to match a correct for your health template. I am able to read timelines (future options) and other lifetimes (past and parallel) and assist in releasing or integrating any judged experiences you might have had, and old karmic overlays.

We will reconnect 5 min. before the end of your session – so I can give you the “homework” for you to practice so that you can do to change your behavior or condition and to anchor the work I have done.

FOR THE EMAIL SESSION: We schedule the e-session, agree on the date I can fit you in.

For the session itself you send me an email with up to ONE page of information about you and what you want to work on during this session. Please keep in mind that if it takes me too long to read through your email, there will be less time for the energy work – so please summarize! Possible topics for this session can be: what is bothering you, physically, mentally and emotionally, what problems you seem to be having in your family life or work, or relationships, what do you find is lacking in your life, what do you want to receive help with? 

If this is a first time you are working with me, or we haven’t connected for over a year, please attach a recent photo of yourself so I can tune into you (ideally just take one with your phone!)

I will read through the email and work on your energy system. When I am done working on you, I will email you the explanations, answers, and comments. I also usually provide “homework”, giving you tools for continuing the work that I initiated in your system.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a “technician” that will “fix” your system for you – this is meant to be a co-creation. You notice that something is not working in your life, I use my expertise in helping you change the internal environment. The notion of “fixing” takes power away from you, and I am interested in amplifying your power.

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Energy Transmission


  • UPGRADES your current FREQUENCY, a precisely modified energy configuration to align you with the latest changes on the planet and in your own energy field;
  • CLEARS unbalanced frequencies in your system and SYNCHRONIZES you with the PLANET;
  • AMPLIFIES your own internal HEALING ABILITIES by recharging the water inside your body, and activating the DNA Light codes;
  • Flushes your field with a combination of energies designed to CLEAR your astral level from other people’s junk, worry, fears, attachments, negative desires, and influences;
  • STRENGTHENS your BOUNDARY and fills your field with the energy of KINDNESS, supporting karmic clearing.
A Night Quad is an energy structure for SAFETY and STABILITY (energetically it is encoded through the number four), which clears unbalanced frequencies in your system and synchronizes you with the planet. When we are out of sync with the planet, we become sick, depressed, terrified, confused, lonely, angry, resentful, lost, and we hurt – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Night Quad is a tool to help you stay synchronized to the planet, allowing all other healing methods (from healing therapies to meditations, medical treatments, intentions and positive affirmations) to work without the internal negative interference.
So many changes are occurring on our planet today that reflect even bigger changes in the Universe. Our personal energy matrices have to match the planetary and universal changes in order for us to receive the greatest evolutionary benefit from them. Imagine you are a small component of a large mechanism, which is also a component of an even greater mechanism and so on. The largest universal “mechanism” (community) is preparing to awaken, to complete itself into the next phase of consciousness. This triggers all of the other components to adjust again and again to accommodate this process. We are constantly bombarded by the new configurations and patterns, generating new adjustments that our energy field has to make in order to function smoothly (similar to the upgrades you have to frequently download for computer programs).
Our feelings and emotions are reacting not only to an accelerated rate of personal processing extreme, thus speeding up the clearing of internal issues, but also to the planetary and even larger changes. Have you noticed how you might have a day when your emotions or physical body are completely freaked out with intensity or pain, even though in your personal life nothing happened to bring this on? The negative state of emotions interferes with physical healing, making it difficult to regenerate the body. As you know, if the body regenerates well, we stay healthy and young, so it is essential to our well-being. The environment of the Night Quad amplifies your own internal healing abilities by recharging the WATER inside your body. Our bodies are mostly made of water, so cleansing and recharging it helps the healing of any physical difficulties, including easing physical pain. 
DNA Light codes resonate through the water molecules – the clearer your water is, the more harmonious and “upgraded” your consciousness will be!
You need to have the best possible energy environment for your life. When your own system is clogged with the energies of other people, it slows down. This can lead to anything from physical problems to depression, overwhelm and over-attachment to others. The Night Quad flushes your field with a combination of energies designed to clear your astral level from other people’s junk, worry, fears, attachments, negative desires, and influences. The only energy that belongs in your astral level is your own.
Karma (the un-integrated experiences) is personal, but also genetic, cultural, planetary and even more complex. Multitudes of personal karmic patterns are being triggered by the changes in the planetary karma, which can make our everyday life very unstable. To make sure that you receive the support you need during this time in planetary history, I have added the emerald Light frequency into the Night Quad. It strengthens your boundary and fills your field with the energy of kindness, supporting karmic clearing.
During the Night Quad, you will receive a DOWNLOAD of ENERGY. It is an UPGRADE to your current frequency, a precisely modified energy configuration to ALIGN you with the latest changes on the planet and in your own energy field, so they match. This makes day to day life much easier. It does not mean that all of the problems disappear, but at least you will be working with your personal issues in balance with the planet, instead of trying to find your anchor during a planetary adjustment in addition to your personal challenges (which can be an overwhelming and stressful experience).
Night Quad is not a personal session; just want to be clear about that. During our personal session, we WORK with many issues you are dealing with, I help you reprogram and modify belief systems, thought patterns and clear feelings. In the session, we can address directly any personal issues you are working with. In the Night Quad, you receive an energy download.

Upgrade your frequency and synchronize with the planet!

When you e-mail me (or use the signup form) to sign up for the Night Quad, please choose a particular day. The Night Quads are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week.

Since the Night Quad’s energy aligns you with what is currently happening on the planet, each day’s Quad is different.


The Night Quad energy begins to flow at 11pm in YOUR timezone – and continious until 7am in YOUR timezone.  (i.e. if you sign up for a Tuesday Night Quad, you will receive the energy flow during your sleep from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning).

When you lay down in bed and relax, the energy will begin to flow. You can choose to remain awake at the beginning or the end of the transmission, or go right to sleep. 

Private Mentoring Session


You want to live your Soul PURPOSE and you KNOW that to truly be effective you MUST DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK… If only you knew where to START?!?

This is the question I get asked probably the most: What is my purpose?

Obviously it is a complex question and it requires time and attention to be answered. This type of a session is designed especially for this – a 90 minute mentoring to dive in and explore the reasons you are here on Earth today, what you came to work with and why.

It is essential to follow the Soul Contract you had created for yourself before you incarnated – the PLAN for your lifetime. Instead of aimlessly wondering in circles you can FOCUS directly on what you need to DO and HOW to apply your efforts effectively.

I can clarify your life’s PURPOSE, identify KARMIC patterns that you need to focus working on this lifetime, explain the spiritual CAUSES of the events in your life and of your medical/health conditions, provide specific advice and INSTRUCTIONS on what you can do to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and health situations.

Ready to get started?

Private Mini Session


My mini sessions are NOT available to new clients, only to the people I already work with (mini is meant to be a tune-up between appointments, not a “cheaper session”)

E-mini is a “tune-up” that you can request if you need a question answered or to help you clean your system, or anchor during a challenging experience with some healing energy. For a mini, you need to write me ONE SHORT paragraph about the issue/question, and I will write you back and do some energy work in addition to it. E-minis are not scheduled, I can usually reply within 24-48 hours.