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Your highly Converting webinar

Introduction to Webinars

Three Parts of a Converting Webinar

Before anything else, watch the videos. If your intention is to turn this webinar into an evergreen funnel, it should effectively encapsulate your body of work and seamlessly transition into your program. Below, you’ll find a Signature Webinar template for a straightforward approach where you just “fill in the blanks.” (This template filled out will have you presenting for about 60 min. at a good pace.)

On the other hand, if your strategy involves hosting monthly webinars covering diverse topics for lead generation, adhere to the overarching structure of the videos to craft your own script.

PART 1: Credible Authority

PART 2: Delivering Awesome Value

PART 3: Compelling Heart-Centered Sales

Introducing the Signature Webinar Template, a versatile tool tailored for crafting evergreen webinars, ideal for seamlessly promoting and selling your high-ticket offers. Alternatively, it can be easily streamlined for live webinars or in-person presentations.

Why spend precious hours figuring it all out when you can dive straight into action? This isn’t just a template; it’s your shortcut to success. Plug in your unique details, and voilà – you’re ready to rock!

My recommendation is to initially script it out, then practice it live a few times before transitioning to an evergreen format. This step is crucial to ensuring that your presentation aligns with your unique energy, addresses potential objections proactively, and effectively converts into valuable sales calls.

While the template is designed for a one-hour timeframe, feel free to adapt the duration to suit your specific requirements, whether shorter or longer. This flexibility ensures that the template seamlessly aligns with your content and delivery preferences.

Four Phases of a Converting Webinar Funnel

PART 4: How to create a highly converting funnel
for your webinar & Mistakes to Avoid

PART 5: Phase 0 (Prep) & 1 (Questions)

PART 6: Phase 2 (Promo) & 3 (webinar itself)

PART 7: Phase 4 (sales)

Summary of Highly Converting Webinar & Funnel