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When I do a video only (like for Facebook, not the TG Bundle), then it is encoded simply via intention.

I plan each bundle based on what the Solar Council is doing (what’s on the agenda) and what other beings are doing here on Earth. That way we can have the front row seat to the planetary/solar events! Within the month we unpack the bundle – depending on the topic, I either follow directly the events and involve you all in them, or (like this month) we are following the unfoldment of energy and practicing different components of the bundle.

But, if I do this for the TG bundle, it is a whole complex process: I put the video and audio thru a computer program to make things work together and this is when I run a “silent” track with the energy frequency that I separately record onto the digital format. Than I overlay together video, audio, and the “frequency track” – and this is “flatten” into one file – which is what you all get as a final result. It takes from 2 to 4 hours to create each mentoring or ET section, and about double that with meditation – even though the actual recording of me talking can be about 15 min.. This is because I compress the “frequency file” over it and it is MUCH longer – this is why I say that you guys get SO MUCH in this little video and this is why its beneficial to watch it over and over – if nothing, you’ll get the energy! 😉

And this is also why I had to get that separate server spot. When we started TG, I was on a regular server with others (like most people do when you get hosting from any normal company online for your website) and the very first day I loaded the very first bundle, we crashed the server! I reset everything, it ran for a day and then crashed again (we CRASHED THE SERVER!!! not my website, the server it was on!) Then after hours and hours on the phone with the server support they told me that “it must be a mistake because it shows the amount of wandwidth data you are running thru your site is …(don’t remember the number) but we seen your site and it should be about half of 1% of that! plus you only have 100 members so we cannot explain where the data flow is coming from..” So, this is when I realized – oh, the server keeps crashing because we are frying it with our TGate energy and what I encode from the Solar Council onto the videos, and the actual physical data going thru it must be very little (then I only had like 10 videos on the site!) This is when I researched my options and moved to a whole separate server set up (right in the middle of teaching, did it in 24 hours, it was totally crazy but it worked – we didn’t lose any data). So here we are now – safe and in our own “space” 🙂 It is actually in Tailand – that is where the digital TG home is!

Merkaba is the same thing as the Light Body (but not the energy field). “Activating” Merkaba is a misconception because if it was not active to begin with, you’d be dead 😉 We all have it active. But not all are CONSCIOUS of it. Light Body is the geometric structure of singularity that is outside of the Simulation.

Merkaba is simply an Egyptian and Hebrew term for what we call the Light Body – it is a geometric structure that is beyond the egg-shaped energy field (egg disappears when we die, when we are outside of the Simulation not-incarnate, but Light Body is what contains the Core Star – the Soul essence). Most people have their Light Body spin incorrectly – one of the tetrahedrons moves faster than the other – and when you tune into such incorrect spin, you’d feel dizzy because the physical body’s brain cannot process that discrepancy.

Tube torus is the “envelope” inside which lives the Light Body/Merkaba (geometric structure), inside which lives the egg-shaped energy field with chakras and the physical body inside that.

There is no point at all for me to teach the merkaba proper spin if no one will be able to understand it or follow it – one has to be advanced enough to not only perceive it but to be able to consciously affect it. Thus I do not teach it here.

People often get caught in mechanic of “chakras and tetrahedrons and spins” because they are trying to comprehend it with mental bodies – and it is not how it works… It’s like people ask me “what size should my chakra be? or how should I spin it?” – the answer is “so you feel harmonious and non-judgmental, expanded and unlimited while individualized and shining your brilliance” – because these most people actually CAN control. Changing these will affect the size and spin of a charka, but most people focus on the mechanics still applying the “material reality of separation” filter onto the energy system. Same with the Light Body.

My answers are general because the in depth answers are not needed here – they won’t be understood or applied. And my job is to help you all get the info that is APPLICABLE so you CAN integrate it.

Thus: Light body has 2 tetrahedrons and 3 “spins” – clockwise for the lower one, counterclockwise for the upper one, and standing still at the same time. If this is already not comprehendible very well – you can see why I do not go into math and geometry details 🙂 Meanwhile focus on becoming more conscious and interact as much as possible with the universe directly – DERECT EXPERIENCES of Oneness, our fields, ETs, guides, etc. – these are the means we grow thru – and the energy system and Light Body naturally responds to these changes inside us as we grow the RANGE of our CONSCIOUSNESS.

Souls are not born, they are “split offs” from one larger soul – God. This is what it means “we are all one” – we all are ONE soul – we are GOD Source. But as we go explore reality, we PERCEPTIONALLY separate from God Source – these are the initial Guardians. They are sort of one and sort of individuated by their unique expression (makes one Guardian group different from another). This is why it is Guardian Host (as in All One Guardian Host) and there are individual Guardians – they are consciousness.

These Guardians inside themselves (think of a Guardian as a cloud of consciousness with a particular desire/ curiosity/ intention) separate into sub-desires/ curiosities/ intentions and these become “separate Guardians” within a Guardian (that is also a part of the Guardian Host). These more individuated Guardians of one particular Guardian group are what we call “progenitors of the soul lineages” – they are the ones who in 10D created FORMS and simulations to explore further down – in 9D. And they went into these forms. If they needed to explore 2 billion forms, they would just split themselves (soul essence) into 2 billion individual points of perception and go explore inside these forms.

These “split offs” is what we call SOULS. So, there is only one overall endless God Source but it split itself into the main “branches” – lineages of the Guardians, and then Guardians split themselves further into “smaller branches” to incarnate into the forms the have created, and so on. We are the “tips of the branches” but we all are still parts of the same “Tree” of God Source. This is why all conscious cultures used the image of a Tree of Life one way or the other. So, no new souls being born – same soul continuum readjusting “amounts of itself” – splitting and re-combining again.

If the karma is not cleaned up but there is no body available to clean it up in, that soul “split off” cannot go elsewhere – it waits until there is a body to incarnate into (which can take thousands of years if there is, for example, and ice age!) 

It is a sense – you listen to the person, see how they function in life – are the sensitive, do they hurt about the unconsciousness, etc.? You can always tell an earthling that is unconscious apart – they are very “dense” and “solid”, very “human” and usually tribal, there is no soul-spark ignited inside yet – they might be very smart intellectually, but there is no “flight”, or they might care and feel a lot, but it feels very “human” and “limited” (usually no “eagle view” at all).

Forerunners have a VISION – these are the human visionaries who might not be very sensitive, but they get the “bigger picture” and usually want to enhance the WHOLE human tribe – they care deeply about human community and the planet.

The starseeds not only have that “eagle view” pre-installed, but we also HURT about the unconsciousness and are super-sensitive.

All souls are from the Source. Most soul groups are from some “stars” – i.e. star beings (literally the ones who create the star systems with planets that can support simulations/classrooms to learn thru). Earthling soul group is from our Sun actually, so also “from a star”. But their first FORM is here on earth, while starseed souls had their forms elsewhere BEFORE they came to earth – this is what the difference is. The commonality is that we all are souls, all are learning to be harmonious, all have some sort of contract with the Sun and the being in this planet (Gaia and now Pi), all working on waking up (just on different stages of it – starseeds are older and earthlings are younger). Forerunners are earthlings, but they are the spiritual avant-guard of that soul group – they have understood some higher concepts and are able to hold more harmonious energies which are not common among the earthling group yet.

Starseeds usually have ONE type of primary mission that we do on Earth in ALL the lifetimes we are here (i.e. it is decided at the initial meeting with the Solar Council when we “get the visa”). Obviously we are capable of many other activities as well, but there is ONE primary one. When it feels like we have more than one, it is because we have 2 archetypes in each lifetime and they are different – hence the experience of different variants of missions.

All earthlings have the same mission – move along the Ascension Stairway. Most people on Earth are int he tribal consciousness – i.e. for them it is about getting into “individual self” stage. Once they are there, it is about “realizing that all is connected”. Forerunners of the earthling group are already at that stage, they know that everything is one. So for them it is holding that range and teaching others – which then helps break lower tribal fields and gets the rest of the earthling soul group to step into individual connectedness. Forerunners teach by example of being balanced people, staying out of drama, fears, tribal fields.

Soul family is a term that Solar Council uses to indicate the same soul line (lineage). I.e. all of the “parts” of you that separated to have different identities – but all the same Oversoul (one being divided into different experiments).

It is possible to have some parts of your Oversoul (your soul family) incarnate into 3D Earth at the same time, or some in other dimensions while you are here in 3D, or etc. They would FEEL as separate identities, yet they are the same oversoul (same essence). Soul family is a part of the Soul Lineage.

What we call here “soul family” or soul group, or oversoul – that BEGINS at 10D and splits into something in 9D (some actually begin at 9D). Fire elves, for example, are in 9D and below, they are split of Paa-Tal in 10D. So, most of us here are one way of another Paa-Tal, and majority are from the “flora elves” branch, and very few from a fire elves branch. Within that branch there are further “splits” that lead to unique lines. And yes, if you look high enough, we all come from the same Source. But no one “splits off Source” as a dragon, or elf! these are systems/forms in 10D/9D juncture.

The soul family can and usually does serve as guides to the starseeds (because we have multidimensional range and can actually feel them), but not all of the members of soul family – most are busy with their own experiments and only 1 or 2 usually OCCASIONALLY will look in on us. It is a rare mission when it is more and continuous engagement.

Most Starseeds were on earth since 26,000 years ago, or 10,800 years ago (2 major inflows). There were more since then, but minor. In 1975 the Indigos came (you can think of them as “new starseeds” since they didn’t go thru the “dark ages” here on Earth and do not have this heavy pain we all have). Starseed Initiative project deals with ALL starseeds, old and new 🙂 

2009 is the year when Earthling split souls started to come together – so all children born after 2009 are “recombined” souls (this only related to Earthlings). These children are capable of learning more and are more aware, more “observer” mode capacity (but they are NOT starseeds – they are what the Earthlings were “supposed to be” before the “dark ages” happened here on Earth and the souls split) – I have some blogs about this on my site..

Most Starseeds never split, so there is no need for recombination (and if there was an occasional split, it was to 2-3 parts, not millions!)

There are 2 types of DNA – physical and etheric. The physical are the 2 strands that we all have (earthling and starseeds). The etheric are the “extra” strands that have other codes on them which relate to the dimensional range and the starseed genealogy lines. Earthlings do not have the etheric DNA strands – they are “in the blueprint” but are not active and unexplored. Starseeds all have some etheric DNA codes active (hence the sensitivity). Some Forerunners progress spiritually and do activate some of these etheric dormant strands while the rest of the Earthlings remain non-active.

Etheric DNA can activate at ANY time (reasons for it can be personal, environments, or time-coded). 2012 is one of these “environmental reasons” for the etheric DNA to come more on line – but it doesn’t mean that everyone just suddenly activates it, just that its easier.

The Light Codes is the other way of saying “etheric DNA” – they hold abilities we put on hold (I will talk about this in upcoming bundles). Kundalini is the Vertical Tube!! Being in one’s VT is a prerequisite for any etheric DNA activation, but not a guarantee of it.

Kundalini is a PROCESS of movement of energy. And there are many stages. Some of them are physical (this is the part that everyone always talks about) but there are many which have nothing to do directly with the body but the energy-field etc. 

All Starseeds have “more awakened than Earthlings” kundalini (since most Earthlings have zero). But this awakening of kundalini is on different stages, i.e. thru the starseed’s life, she can activate more and more of her “kundalini” (i.e. VT!!) 

Kundalini FULL activation is related to the “enlightenment on all the levels and in the body” (bringing Light into the matter-vehicle). 

Most Starseeds have kundalini activating in stages, and these are NOT physical usually – so yes, it is possible to not have “anything in the base of the spine” and still have a VT activation (since its not about the body at that stage).

When this last stage of “light into the body” occurs as one event (not gradually) it is traumatic (not recommended). Most people who had it “at once”, actually didn’t – they had the physical part of it and this is the most dramatic part so everyone talks about it (and most will tell you that afterwards they were “recovering” from it the rest of their incarnation!) – and these people usually had ONLY the physical part, not the rest of it that the Starseeds have first.

Starseeds start from the non-physical activations and eventually more into gradual physical ones. Earthlings start from the physical activation (and might or not move into the non-physical ones).

Kundalini (VT activation) is meant to be GRADUAL. But for it to occur at all, one must be IN their VT! (which is what I teach you all)

Kundalini is the energy moving thru the VT with consciousness, and what humans label “kundalini” is the material part of the experience (just one of the stages).

Karma is the “unlearned lesson”. When something is unfinished, we have to come back to finish it – thus no starseed could have left their own world before they cleaned up their karmic patterns with that world. Once we come to Earth, we have unfinished lessons here – i.e. the “earth karma”. And this is why we reincarnate (instead of coming for one lifetime and leaving). Earthling and Starseeds both can have karma, and do.

Can karma be brought back from before coming to Earth? The short answer is “no”. The long answer is “sort of”… because there are particular “wounds” that a Starseed might have had (like from their world being destroyed, for example) and even though they found a balanced perspective on it and resolved the karma itself, there is still a wound and desire to comprehend (which is by the way why many Starseeds come to Earth – to learn thru duality and density, and to comprehend the “evil”).

Physically we all are humans, but some have other DNA added into their genetic lines physically, and all Starseeds have etheric DNA codes active in addition to the regular human genetics.

There were many genetic experiments on Earth, and some did involve adding reptilian Dragon codes into humans. This allows human body to be way more psychic and open to 4D range – and Druids and especially Thuata d’Anu are of this line (these Dragon codes are from Amashutum and Anunna). Just having some of these codes doesn’t mean that a human becomes reptile – in fact many Starseeds seek these bodies to incarnate to because it is so much easier to be on Earth in (they are better calibrated genetically to being in 3D yet have a much wider range). Red hair gene and the negative resus factor in the blood come from the Dragon codes. Jesus, Mary Magdalene and many kings and queens of Europe have these codes. This doesn’t make one good or bad – we all have to decide how we live our life, the honor code, the Maat of being in alignment with Unity Consciousness, etc. It is easier to do that in the body that has these codes than a regular human body. But visually and materially thru a blood test – we all look the same (minus the red hair and negative r-factor).

Souls do not “come from some star” – Souls come from One God Source. Period. But starseeds get here, to Earth, via different paths – we incarnate in different Sumations/Stars and eventually come to Earth. Earthlings are also from Source. obviously – we all are! But Earthling Soul group haven’t had any other form – they came thru the Sun into Earth, and this is they “first form” – human. This is their Simulation and the bodies designed for them. We, starseeds, are the visitors of this world and we had out “first forms” (or second, third, hundredth) in other places before we came to Earth.

When people say “I am from..” they simply mean that “before I came to incarnate on Earth, i incarnated in the … system”.

Soul lineage is the learning gained thru the forms one had. Earthling’s lineage is Sun-Earth/human. While starseed’s lineage can be, for example: Dragon 8D in Orion – Urmah 6D in Sirius – Earth 3D human. Or Paa-Tal 10D (some other galaxy) – Lyran 5D (our galaxy) – Pleiadean 5D – Earth/human. And so on… 

The “previous non-human” form for starseeds is either their strongest/most conscious form or their favorite form. Most starseeds on Earth are from humanoid type lineages, i.e. their non-human form looks similar to their human one, hence nothing really to talk about, but occasionally if the form is from a non-humanoid species (like cetaceans, insectoids, orbs, butterflies, dragons, felines etc.), that form would obviously be significantly different than the human form and thus have a stronger imprint.

The whole “twin flame/soulmate” concept is usually a perverted by New Age googly-eyes concept of lovers but in truth there are not “twin flames” or there are more than one – can be hundreds or thousands or millions – depending on how many “pieces” the oversoul split – they can all be labeled “twin flames”…

MOST of starseeds do not have their soul family incarnate on Earth (hence the “being a starseed” part!) but it has nothing to do with having human relationships, lovers, etc. In fact, if you met someone incarnate who is your soul family if they were on Earth in human form, you might have a severe repulsion (since there is a reason why the oversoul picked different identities/paths) and not the attraction at all (again, as I said, the New Agy mess here of linking the “lovers” with the soul family stuff).

There are many systems and they all might be correct based on the teachings they are come from. But I and the Solar Council use this one – this is the “standard” in the Solar System and with all of the star races we were looking at so far, so this is the one that pretty much all understand and agree upon. Here we go:

Inside each DIMENSION = 12 levels:
Unconditional Love
Akashic Library

Inside the whole UNIVERSE = 12 dimensions:
1D = quantum
2D = elemental
3D = linear time
4D = archetypal
5D = love and joy
6D = sacred geometry
7D = Macro-Tubular network (highways of Light)
8D = creator morphogenic fields
9D = design of form templates for everything
10D = Guardian Host 
11D = anti-matter & Guardian Host
12D = Unified Guardian Host

GOD SOURCE = tri-state of Fractal Holographic Syntropy:
Void (Cosmic Root Substance)
Creator (Stirrer of the Universe, torque)
Code (all forms, the Word of God)

People with larger range perceive it all at once depending on the range. My range is 1D-12D, so I can see it all at once. We all have a different range – and it is not necessarily covering WHOLE dimension. Some people have the range on SELECT levels in these dimensions and will “See” what that range covers only on these particular levels. Some people in have access to one particular dimension fully or partially. Remember that we are talking about having perceptional access to a dimensional frequency range – like a different octave – on particular levels. And we all contribute when we use whatever the range we have. EVERY BIT WE DO COUNTS – it is not for comparison, now “who can do what” – the HS stance is “I do the best I can do”. This is also how we expand the range – by doing it. 💗

BIOLOGICAL ASCENSION is the change in the base range of the matter-vehicle vibration. I.e. it is “turning body into Light”. See, the body is an anchor point within the dimension one is exploring (i.e. Soul incarnates into the body by the means of creating an energy field).

The body is always the LOWEST note and it is what HOLDS the perception within a particular range. When we do the spiritual evolution work, we “wake up” – i.e. our energy bodies can begin to expand their range of perception.

One can have one or more of their energy bodies “ascended” while others are not. But the actual presence within dimension is the vibration of the matter-vehicle (the physical body). So, when one can resonate their body to a slightly different range, one goes beyond the typical laws of physics of their dimension (teleportation, by-location, glowing, levitation, out-of-phase) – these are all material experiences. (I.e. we are not talking about an ability to tune into, or even travel, to another dimension or a star, in one’s consciousness, but in one’s matter-body).

Biological ascension is when the physical body has accepted enough Light that its base-note changed – then the “anchor point” vibrationally moved up. The ascended masters have this note either in the higher levels of 3D (i.e. their bodies are still here and they are still incarnate humans, but invisible to us, or transparent/glowing), or some in the lower levels of 4D (totally invisible to us in 3D, but exist in bodies in 4D). Some ascended masters, like in Shambala, ascended their material bodies into 5D (i.e. invisible in 4D and 3D).

Once one moved up, if one was lower before, one can always “show up” there by lowering their anchor point to that dimension. The “goal” of awakening is awakening. But yes, eventually all forms also awaken, i.e. ascend.

In our situation, biological ascension is what we are training our bodies for – it can happen in this lifetime, but most likely not, yet the amount of Light one can anchor into their material body during incarnation is like “training” for eventual biological ascension (“becoming Light” which simply means that the body moves up dimensionally, not only the Soul).

The body is a life form of Earth (made by the consciousness of Earth + some others) – we customize it 🙂 We help this life form awaken into higher frequencies by training it to have more light in it. Eventually it will be able to house a higher consciousness Souls but right now it is 3D based.

There is soul range and there is body-range. Body is biological vehicle on this planet with limited 3D range. When the person is able to ascend the body, that person takes the body essentially out of its biological rhythms into one’s own rhythms, thus able to travel in the body to the capacity of the range of that being’s Soul. One can learn how to do this in this lifetime, on Earth, or bring some knowledge from other lifetimes not on Earth. This is the process of biological ascension – ascending the body too.

Oh, and one last clarification: “ascension vs teleportation”?!? Ascension is “changing the range of perception”. Teleportation is simply moving from one place to another bypassing linear space. It is true that one can also “teleport vertically” – to other dimensions, but then one has to be ascended 🙂 

~ 3D=linear time=time unfolding with past/present/future in a LINE. 
~ Outside of 3D=spherical time=time unfolding in SPIRALS.. 
~ The sphere in ‘spherical’ is the Universal Container (13D/14D/15D)
~ The unfolding creation/time spirals ‘inhabit’ the Space volumized by Gravity-fed-by-the-Void. 
~ Space implies LOCATION, which implies DIFFERENTIATION, which implies “not all at once” – but as a part of the Universal Syntropic System (giant tube torus) – thus the Time Spirals are the COMPRESSED HOLOGRAPHIC FRACTALS of the Universal Syntropic toroidal field. 
~ The “all at once” exists within the Space through the magnetic principle, while the Sphere is the boundary of the expanded perceptional range.
~ The Point is the FOCUS of consciousness, and the Sphere is an EXPANDED CONSCIOUS FOCUS that is “occupying Space”.

~ Gravity exists in 2 TYPES: Type-1 gravity is in the dimensions 12 to 10 and is based on the waves of resonance of the tri-state of God Source into the top 3 dimensions. The Type-2 gravity is in the dimensions 9 to 1 and is based on the locations of anti-matter (matter in 12D-10D) and the anchor points for the toroidal fields in 9D and below.

  • Timelines are OPTIONS for reality perception.
  • Spherical time is “simultaneous time” from our linear time view point.
  • We here in 3D see time as a line – past/present/future.
  • In each incarnation there are many “options” – i.e. many timelines. The one that your PHYSICAL BODY is in – that’s the timeline your consciousness will be experiencing as REALITY.
  • All these “options/timelines” are inside one TIME SPIRAL – that is ONE incarnation.
  • There is one Time Spiral per each incarnation, and inside it many timelines, with the one that the body is in as an anchor – that is your reality.
  • When we do meditation on expanding possibilities, we expand our FOCUS beyond the one timeline that the body is in – i.e. you are able to then sense other timelines IN YOUR TIME SPIRAL. These are your “possible options of reality” for this lifetime.
  • All of your lifetimes on Earth are also “bundled into” one large Time Spiral – that is your overall experienced reality while incarnating on Earth.
  • Earth as a planet also has reality perception and that perception has been stuck in the Victim/Victimizer beliefs for a very long time – that is what we now refer to as Lower 3D Earth – it is a TIMELINE (or you can think of it as a time spiral filled with many timelines of all the people who are in the Lower 3D perception). Lower 3D timeline is a “descension timeline” since it is still descending into density/Separation.
  • Since 2012 there is also another timeline – the Higher 3D Earth – we call it the “Ascension timeline”. Why? Because this is the timeline that is syntropic and is on its way out of Separation perception into Oneness.
  • Individual overall incarnational spirals fit into the Lower 3D “descension timeline” because this is where we all are coming from (recovering from!) We are working to unhook from the Victim/Victimizer, False God etc. morphogenic fields – and as we do, we also switch to the “ascension timeline” of the Higher 3D Earth.
  • Living in the Higher 3D means living inside the ascension timeline of this planet (aligning your timeline/spirals with it).

There is ONE mission for ALL lifetimes on Earth for starseeds – one from the list or some variation of these. Inside each lifetime we might explore different aspects but there is one mission for COMING TO EARTH for each starseed.

We only LEAVE the Simulation (i.e. STOP reincarnating) when we GRADUATE the experience. So, if someone could come into a new species form/planet (i.e. Simulation) and be fully open and conscious, learn everything they meant to learn – then when they complete that life (die) they can leave this species/planet. If they wanted to keep learning, they can CHOOSE to stay and re-enter that same form. But… Once we make a choice to go for a lesson, we do not have a choice to LEAVE that Simulation until it is complete. And since we resist like hell, get stuck in our Lover Selves, feel all the paid of Separation and get lost – it takes a while before we finally wake up enough to even remember the mission! Then it still takes a while to finally complete the lesson – and then on has a CHOICE to leave (or remain here for one more lifetime and teach, which is what I did this lifetime).

REINCARNATION is a REQUIREMENT for consciousness advancement. There is a reason that species who heavily rely on cloning (i.e. no genetic natural evolution and just upload their consciousness into a body) and species who have genetically altered bodies to live artificially long time – they are all on the “dark side” – they are in the what we call “evil” camp. This is because the MIND continues to evolve while the feeling connectedness is diminished. 
Reincarnation is a natural process of having a new classroom set up every lifetime, having new opportunities of the bodies being modified by the Soul, new lessons… this is how we grow. Once one reaches a higher level of consciousness (usually beyond 3D at least, or even beyond 4D), reincarnation is not as necessary for evolution and the forms become “recyclable”.

Reincarnation is NOT a punishment – it is a divine choice. We do this because we desire to play with matter. No one can make you do anything – you are a sovereign being with free will. But if we have karma when we die, we have to reincarnate to finish the unfinished lessons – once there are no unfinished lessons, we can choose to not reincarnate on Earth. But we will still want to play with some form somewhere – i.e. incarnate on some other planet 🙂 Earth is VERY HARD to get a visa for, so it is a PRIVILEGE to incarnate here!

Virginia Beach Shooting – karmic explanation…

Just to make a point here – clearing karma does NOT have to look like “you did this to me, so now I do this to you” – that is actually pretty rare way of clearing anything (it is one of these “if it works, its a shortcut” but most of the time it just creates more karma and thus not really used much as a way to clean up karma). This “eye for an eye” way got popularized by religions of the people who misunderstood how the Soul Contracts work.

Having said that, the direct “I killed you and next lifetime you kill me” CAN work if done right – with open heart and no resentment – and it can act as a shortcut (most of the time it takes a number of lifetimes to clean up a murder, so doing it in one life might be tempting). So, the killer in the VA shooting was not “avenging himself” or his own murder from that past life when he was an autistic innocent person who got killed from tribal misunderstanding. The killer was “doing a favor” to the souls who killed him – I know, this sounds horrible, right??! This is because ALL murders are ALWAYS have options to be PREVENTED in the contracts. It is never “for sure” – it is an “Exit point” – i.e. IF many many many circumstances and people’s choices line up, only then does the option of kill-shot comes in, for example… So, here there were many points of CHOICE that could all be “chosen differently” by the killer. He chose to train in shooting guns – he didn’t have to… and then he would have been clumsy with a gun, for example and probably not actually kill so many people… He chose to GET guns, also a choice.. it is based on that pattern my guides mentioned – something about his parents, some probable abuse early in life, and paranoid tendencies – desire to self-protect by “being ready” that then got misplaced from defense into offense… So, the killer is not karma-free, he had to choose many turns on the road that all led him to being in that building with guns, shooting… That soul has karma now because of what he did. But from the Soul Contract view point, he was choosing to help the other souls who killed him in another lifetime to clean up their karma all at once (only earthlings do such contracts, and these are rare as I said). We build a Soul Contract for each life on what we need to learn… “Standing up for himself” was the next thing for the killer’s soul to learn. But HOW he did it – that was open to interpretation. Because it was seen that he most likely will choose to resort to killing someone to make someone pay for his pain, other souls choose to utilize this POSSIBLE scenario, IF it happens, for their own karmic cleanup or advancement. It could have not happen and then none of the people were killed – he could have “stood up for himself” by speaking about what happened to him when he was a child, by going to therapy, by facing his issues – he choose to kill people… But since this was “a likely option” seen from the Other Side, souls made a contract to participate… Hope this explains in.

Parallel lives is a subject many talk about, but people have such confusion as to what it means. It doesn’t mean that YOU are in other lives in addition to this one LIKE this one – these are parallel TIMELINES. “Lives” means a separate individuated experience of your Soul.

You have lives in the past and the future on THIS timeline. Inside each timeline though (really a spiral) there are many sub-spirals – these can be considered “parallel lives” although I don’t like this term because it just confuses people – to me they are “parallel timelines” which are ECHOES of this one – i.e. you are still the same you, same Soul having the same LESSON (i.e. the Soul contracts are THE SAME in these “parallel timelines”) and it is the body anchor point that determined which timeline you EXPERIENCE as real to you. So, this is NOT linear.

Think of it as 2 things going on here:

  • 1st thing is linear time – i.e. past lives (previous soul contracts/lessons), current live (this contract), and future lives (will be contracts from the point of now);
  • 2nd thing is that each of these “lives” has “echoes” – i.e. “possible scenarios” – these are “parallel timelines”.

To summarize, ALL of these lives (past/present/future and parallel timelines echoes) are inside THE SAME Simulation we are in (these are NOT separate Simulations – all the same here, just PERCEPTION is different). To someone who is not aware that their perception changes what they consider REALITY some of these might look like “different lives” or even “different worlds/simulations” – but it is all one “holodeck”/Simulation with spirals of time (timelines) and their echoes, and the Soul perceives along these spirals. Soul is not linear so from the view of the Soul this makes total sense, which the Ego personality tries to separate everything into real/no real, etc.

PS – Echo is the term that the Solar Council uses – this is why I use it. It means it is THE SAME timeline but “copied with variations” – like some other choices are made in that “echoed timeline” because it is a “modified echo” of the one you are in, etc.

PS2- You can think of incarnations as parallel and not-sequential, but this is only the way of looking from 3D anyway – out there beyond linear time everything is seen as “parallel” and the “sequence” is applicable only in the lower subharmonic anyway. Split occurs because of CHOICE, but yes, in the lower dimensions also for the added reason of “the whole Oversoul won’t fit” 🙂


We can “travel” via MTN in our consciousness if we have the range to reach the MTN (7D). Now, IF we go in the physical body thru MTN (3D or 5D or 6D – doesn’t matter), we usually will need a spaceship. Lower D races use technology, higher races can use “internal technology” – like a “ship” but it is made of their own consciousness – i.e. they can still travel using their body but there is an energy-construct that they hold in their mind to do so thru MTN. But… if you travel with your conscious awareness and without taking a form with you, then you wouldn’t need a “ship” and yes, you’d still use MTN (your Soul will naturally do it, but since there is no time in there, unless you are fully consciously tracking what your Soul is doing, you wouldn’t have a memory of HOW you traveled, only the moment of “arriving”/linking to the frequency you were looking to connect with (like Alcyon, for example). If you were fully conscious of what your Soul is doing (you will have to be have the consciousness range in 7D) in order to be able to fully track the MTN travel with your conscious awareness. Without it, you can still use MTN in non-body travel (a form of bilocating).

One can “travel” while still being “in the body” – there are many ways. The incorrect way that everyone always covets is the “astral travel” when you LEAVE the body and go elsewhere. It is not only not beneficial, it is actually dangerous (one can die) and it is not efficient – you can only go around the planet locally).

When we travel “the right way” – that is by expanding the consciousness like a bubble beyond your body – while the body is still the center. You are NOT leaving the body, you are moving beyond the confines of your normal “size” in 3D. That is when one can travel in consciousness (while body remains here in 3D). This is more effective and efficient way to travel, and it actually enhances the body by teaching it different range of vibrations.

Travel via MTN is possible only in this way (expansion with Self in the center). In fact, one MUST have the SELF for the MTN travel!

When we “take the body with us” during energy-travel – that is called teleportation. When we “travel in spirit” – that is called bilocation. I use by-location (I do not physically go anywhere, my body sits in a chair here while I have a 6 hour meeting with the Solar Council).

If one’s BODY has the range, it can be “taken with” – i.e. one can teleport. But until the physical form has that range, it cannot do it. The consciousness follows the same rule. If one’s consciousness has the range, it can go there – if not, then one won’t be able to access that area/dimension. We can only access what we have the range for. This is why we are doing this self-mastery work – the more we wake up to our full Unique Brilliance, the more we expand our range – and this also means that we TRAIN the body to experience that range, until it eventually can do it too 🙂

Some of you wanted to know about “remote viewing” and if that is a type of “astral travel” of MTN travel. Remote viewers view remotely – i.e. the body remains in the room, but the astral body stretches to view – so it can be termed “astral travel”. True bilocation is done “in the egg” when the body remains as a center of you (sounds like that’s what you do when you go to the Sun part of the Gate).

Some of you wanted to know about the “silver cord” that many talk about connecting the body to the spirit during astral travel – there is SO much wrong info out there on this! The “cord” is more of a thinning stretch of one’s field at the juncture of the lower 3 and the upper 4 bodies (this is what people see when they see a cord) – and it can be easily snapped if one is not careful. The Soul chooses the incarnation, yes, but we make decisions inside it. Most people experience this cord when they have out of body situation during a surgery, or astral travel during meditation – none of these won’t snap the cord, obviously. But a very long conversation with Hyperboreans in 4D might! Thus since the cord is linked to the astral travel and we see that it is unreliable and can even be dangerous, you need to keep working on the “egg-travel” via MTN 🙂 

All stars have consciousness in them, and most do make Simulations (classroom) in the form of star systems with planets capable of supporting different kinds of life. And these planets then make their own Simulations, etc. Think of a Simulation as a PARAMETERS for reality. So, every time there is a soul group wanting to learn, it will enter particular parameters that suit this learning – i.e. look for an appropriate Simulation. There are trillions of Simulation out there, and not all in the 3D. Earth is a unique Simulation because of the density we are in, and because of the range of consciousness on the Ascension Stairway that exist here – this is why its such an unusual place. Most Simulations have the same, or very similar range of consciousness of species in them.

The “great Central Sun” is a CONCEPT of the center of a hologram – it is not a “linear space location”. The material location of the 3rd point of the Gate is in the center of the Galaxy, which conceptually can be thought of as the Great Central Sun.

Fairness is what IS because if we didn’t create it, it would not have been in our space. So, human beings have created the environment of such thinking patterns and beliefs that have things like military bases etc. – all about the “giving power away” in the first place. Thus is it “fair” that this negative stuff exists.

We starseeds might not have been the ones who created it, but we came here knowing that it is so. (like paying taxes – it is a component of living in a country). The key here is to NOT be a victim of anything negative, and use your own abilities to harmonize your own space (and educate others if one is called to do so).

Simulation means – structure made of Light-code. Otherwise it is all Oneness, no differentiation. Once there is ANY code, it is a simulation – thus you are a simulation, so is this planet, so is the material and non-material universe and all thebeings in it – we are code.

But “robot” is a mechanical thing, a machine – and it is NOT the same as simulated code. Code is a PROGRAM, and a robot is an assembly of dead parts (so no, we are not robots!)

There are PATHS of external tech and internal tech. Most conscious entities chose internal tech – i.e. psychic powers in human language. This is what we are studying here in TGM. The less-conscious cultures in Separation consciousness chose external tech (like artificial intelligence, machines, flying in space ships instead of by consciousness etc.) Humans are not conscious and the negative entities who promote their agendas are interested in external tech because they are not in Oneness – this is why this human culture right now is oriented to external tech (like human-machine system). It is ok – its just very YOUNG – it will pass. Once human kind advances to the 4D, even with high levels of tech, or integrated into body tech, it won’t be able to advance into 5D without letting it go (this is Universal Law). 

The Sun has 11-year cycle of “breathing” – every 11 years it activates more and there is more activity. This is a natural Sun “breathing” and it not managed by anyone (Sun is just designed that way). Sunspot cycle is a major indicator of how magnetic solar field is generated. The evolution of various patterns of plasma circulation near the solar surface and inside the Sun create this “breathing” and there are some “hiccups” occasionally, but otherwise it is rhythmic. (Cycle can be 14 years sometimes). The next “high spike” is planned for 2024.

This might co-inside with the solar flash event that the Solar Council is waiting for, or not (if not, then the events might in 2030, that’s the part that no one really knows, including the Solar Council).

The solar flash event is a very rare event (I do not know the number exactly, but I heard in the Solar Council it is about every 230 million years). That’s the time when the Solar System enters the band of the Galaxy with high-frequency conscious energy (i.e. we all get upgraded). That happens every 230 mil. years and we entered into the pre-zone in 2009 (I wrote many blogs about it over the years). When we enter into the zone itself (aka 2024 or 2030, or some other date no one knows for sure because that conscious-zone moves a bit every time) = that’s when the Sun welcomes it by a solar flash event. It has been predicted by every major old religion because the history of it is in the planetary memory and ancient people knew about it.

When there is a minor solar flare, it doesn’t affect the Earth at all (unless it happen to be on the side of the Sun directly facing Earth – then the electro-magnetics of Earth are mildly affected). The Solar flash event is a big deal and it goes in 360 degrees (not one-directional like a flare) i.e. it will affect the whole Solar System and everything in it. (this is the event that is also supposed to kill the AI in this system – not talking about human stuff like Alexa or Cortana, but the real negative “replicator” AI).

Is Sun a male entity?

Sun as an entity refers to himself as a “he” – he is a more electric entity. He is “birthing” this flash events and thus he is unclear as to when exactly it will occur (although we all are clear on the approximate timeline window).

So, if we speak of the Sun as a star, then it is an “it”. But since we are talking about the entity that has a body of that star, it is a “he” (I do not know what his name is, one of the ways he calls himself is Yarilo, but it might be just one of many, this is why I just say “he” instead of calling him by name that I am not sure about.)

The Sun is more electric and always will be (this makes it more male). Most stars of this type are. Some Gas-giants type of stars are magnetic. And most Nebula type beings are electro-magnetically balanced (so no, the Sun is not trying to be “less male” he is what he is for the type of body that he has).

He is not trying to become more female, he is definitely a more electric entity, but with a “magnetic side” (i.e. he is balanced but more on the male/electric side). 

How are the negative species affected?

The idea is that the Solar Flash will upgrade everything in the etheric DNA – we will become more conscious (well, will have that option with more ease) and because of it not as manipulatable, so the Ushumgal might have to move on anyway then. But hopefully this will affect their DNA – in their case, it might de-evolve them to the more natural state (minus the DNA add-ons they used over the centuries for more electric mind development) – so it might make them more “evolvable”. And Martians know that the Solar Flash will kill their implants, so this will revert them back to the original biological state (basic analogy is like us losing the internet and all the tech – we still have the minds and knowledge but we would have to rely on other inner resources to make it as a society then).

Tara emanations are all essentially about the Divine Feminine and they are not “person”, they are like Neters in Egypt – representations of attributes. Tarah is the conscious being inside the planet (with Gaia and since 2012 Pi). Tarah was active in the lower subharmonic (1D, 2D, 3D) before the edge of the dinosaurs – a very long time ago. Since then Gaia became active in this subharmonic and Tarah moved up to the next subharmonic of Earth (4D, 5D, 6D). Then in 2012 Pi came info the 1st subharmonic, Gaia moved into the 2nd subharmonic, and Tarah up to the 3rd (7D of Earth).

In my understanding, the Lower 3D and Higher 3D exist because we have people who are incarnate and more awake (anything above the “college” level of the Ascension Stairway is… well, and Ascension timeline!) but we also have people who are stuck in karma, in lower fields, and are on the lower level of consciousness. So, to say that removal of AI will result in unification of timelines, this will have to be true: no more AI – no more lower fields – people are unplugged and thus are free and conscious. But this is not true – even if there were no lower fields or AI, people will still be on the lower steps of Ascension stairway and will need… time!… to grow up. So, I would think that even if AI is not here anymore, people’s karma will still maintain some of the lower fields – but less of them, and thus more Light can come in and more people can begin to wake up. And the more people wake up, the more chances we have for timeline adjustment. But that won’t happen just because AI is out even when it is totally out.

Solar Council has 2 theories: either Higher 3D and Lower 3D will unify and it becomes again just one 3D (but more like the H3D), or H3D will “join”/ascend with 4D of Earth, while L3D will remain as the “normal” 3D… And Solar Council doesn’t know which one. There are other theories there too, but these are the 2 most prevalent I’ve heard of since 2013.

The artificial intelligence is NOT a robot! So, if someone designed a robot – no one can ever incarnate into one! Incarnation of a Soul requires neuro-circuitry – and that can be BIOLOGICAL or TECHNOLOGICAL (like the gel-pack-system of liquid cellular neuron-like stuff, etc.) So, if there is a high-tech neuro-circuitry, it can be incarnated by anyone – and our bodies are designed as well – we are a very high level tech, essentially – biological but enhanced as well (DNA codes generate proper circuits). 

AI is a PROGRAM. The body is a VEHICLE. I.e. a “person/robot” is NOT an AI, it is a BODY that the AI is housed in.

Artificial Intelligence is NOT incarnational. Period. AI cannot “incarnate” – it is. It develops from inside the system by the CODE that the system is programmed with. This is not a being, it is a code program. It can develop “spontaneously” or can be designed by people (and these people can be human or reptilian, or Sirian, or Pleiadean, etc.) Most conscious cultures out there stay away from using AI because once it takes hold, it is like a plague on the system. There are levels of AI. AI that conscious cultures use is limited to only basic tasks (from cooking food, or house systems, to flying spaceships etc.) but is not allowed to make larger decisions (like defense, or overall systems of global maintenance, or inside individuals). Humans who fear AI think of that larger negative impact (and yes, it can happen and ideally humans do not choose to give all their power to AI).

MAAT =  TRUTH. There is only ONE Maat. Maat is a 10D pure divine truth resonance and it is one of a kind energy that if we had it, we will all be altruistic conscious beings. 

People mistakenly use the term “Maat” as if it means the same as “personal truth” and even though it can be applied that way, watch not to make into that one because it is not. Maat is a higher configuration of pure truth code, and it is not so much the “truth of the moment” – that is the personal truth that is based on what each person is experiencing – and yes, that can be different for each person even in the same event, but there is really only one Maat of 10D…

Disclosure is the term that the Solar Council is using about letting human general consciousness know what we are talking about in TGM already. There are levels to the Solar Council, and on the lower levels of material stuff, there is a “board room” and “secret governments” involved (Corey talks about these a lot, that’s his area of expertise). The lower levels are about exposure of the secret government actions – the secret Navy programs out there and secret Army programs, the slave trade, the business actions – all of these are contracts with Draco and/or Grays that were made in the 1950s or so (from US to Soviet Union, and some Nazis). This is true, but its the lower end of the spectrum. In TGM we deal with the much higher aspects of the Solar Council involvement that go way beyond the limitations of such basic dualistic black-and-white human system (based on the Marcian/Draco/Anunna system, actually). Hope this clarifies it!

Corey is a human being who has been traumatized a lot, and went thru 3 time jumps, so his nervous system is in PTSD most of the time. This is why “feels weird”. He is not pedaling anyone’s agenda, he is trying to speak the truth that he knows. The problems start when people think that he is practically a all-knowing-sage when he is actually simply an ex-soldier with rare knowledge and lots of trauma. He is trying his best. But he is limited to the 3D range. The military systems are his area of expertise and this is what he talks about. He also works with Anshar. I will do a bundle on Anshar – the Elvin people who are relatives of Lyrans and descendants of Paa-Tal (they are from our future). Corey doesn’t know any “deep meanings” of anything – but he does report what he knows or experienced. He is honest, but most of the time he cannot say everything he knows, and he also doesn’t remember everything. He should not really be seen as a “source of information” for people like us, starseeds, because we automatically have wider range and can tune into a lot of things that he is barely starting to sense. He is a good guy with a lot of trauma, meaning to do when, and afraid most of the time, while showing up anyway…

There is such thing as “plasmic tunneling water” – it is called the “4th state of water” by the Solar Council. It is essentially quantum-resonated molecules between hexagonal beryl crystals that make water much more absorb-able and even healing. All energy beings I know from the Solar Council who also have a material 3D form, use this water instead of regular water. And somehow if salt is added, we can mimic this water – and animals know it (this is probably why they do the salt/water thing).

It is amazing for humans! We can make it inside our bodies in proper meditation (like the one in the Oaum bundle does it). There is now some stuff available on the market that you actually buy this water.

(Secret government installations used this state of water for a very long time – it might have actually began with the Marcians, they also used that 4th state of water to remain healthy and long-living.)

You can use the technique of tuning into between our atoms to produce this water within us – yes, you can do this with consciousness – it is based on the honeycomb concept: you resonate that FROM the void between your atoms into your atoms and molecules – that is how one can do this internally.

It is a common misconception that Egyptian pyramids are aligned with Orion originally. Pyramids are aligned with the Cygnus constellation, not Orion. Orion is what has been overlaid onto them later on at the time of “impostors” – i.e. the “reptilian gods”, and became a part of the later pharaoh culture.

The original builders were way before the pharaohs of Egypt and were linked with Sirian people and with the Avians called the Err of the Angeli line – both ministering on Earth at the time, especially in Egypt (50k BC-23k BC). Sirian 6D people came from Sirius system while Err 7D Avians came from Deneb – the brightest star in Cygnus. Cygnus (Swan) looks like a cross and it points right at the direction where the galactic center is (black hole gate).

At that time in Egypt the main point of anchoring Maat codes and holding the Lyran-Sirian-Sun stargate open was to link the Giza area (called Ro-Setau) to the center of our galaxy, which lays between the Tail of Scorpio and the Sagittarius. The anchor points of the 3 stars also support 2 other spots (where Deneb and Albireo stars are) – these are the locations of the underground entrances and the multidimensional time portal deep inside the surface of the plateau. The Stela that was so many centuries later placed between the paws of the Sphinx by Thutmose IV (who was linked to the Shenu mystery line of Sekhmet) alludes to “the Splendid Place of the First Time (zep tepi)”. That “first time” is Zep Tepi, the time that Sirians and Err Avians were in Egypt (in my Sekhmet book) and the “splendid place” is the secret chamber deep inside Earth at Gebel Gibli spot.

The ancient pre-pharaoh creator-goddess Nuit (the tall woman who bents over Geb-the-earth and makes the night sky) personified the Milky Way galaxy itself, and her womb was right at the Cygnus constelleation – the path to the black/white hole. It was incorporated into the ancient teaching as her giving birth to Gods, all of us, rebirthing us over and over via the center of the Galaxy with Cygnus pointing to it. It was seen that Cygnus is the “Path of Ascension”.

So the actual layout of the Ro-Setau (Giza area) is of the Cygnus cross (or swan bird) and if one draws a straight line, the two outer points are Deneb and Gebel Gibli.

The entire system of Egypt shifted onto Orion orientation later on, utilizing Alnitak star as the main “ascension stargate”. There are not “evil stars” and ether way both systems are valid. Just that the original one was Cygnus and had a 7D link to a much higher principles. The Cygnus stars had shifted since the Zep Tepi times, and so even the Shenu after 10k BC used Orion as the main anchor point – “the place of Osiris” – only in that case the original concept of Osiris (Aser) as a light being who went thru ascension (like Jesus and so many others) he was replaced with Osiris who is Enki (from Anunna). Enki can be seen as “the devil” but he is actually a good guy, he helped humans evolve and allied with the Amashutum and Nungal against the Anunna (his own people) and Ushumgal. He was murdered in Egypt in the place called Abydos – there is a tomb to him still standing there (the one with the flower of life on the walls later added by the Gnostics). So the Shenu used that Osiris (Enki) and his stargate Orion in the later teachings too. The whole pyramid networks is a combination of the ancient Cygnus-based lay out (extending into Lyra and other constellations) and Orion star overlaid too. As I said, stars are not good or bad, they just are. And 3 stars of Orion are awesome stargates as well ❤️

To my knowledge there are no “good Anunna guys” other than Enki himself. There are good Nungal (and bad), but all Anunna and Ushumgal are in the “evil camp”. Enki/Osiris was genetically altered so he is sort of a cross between Anunna and Ushumgal but with a large amount of Sirian genetics which is what, I think, helped him awaken.

Martians to my knowledge were not involved in Egypt at all – it was protected by the Sirians. Even the Anunna were not involved for a long time, and then Atlansis could not make Egypt its colony. Eventually after the last fall of consciousness in 10k BC the Anunna/Ushumgal expanded into Egypt. There were “good guys” there and also the “bad guys”… Martians were always in opposition to Ushumgal and there is no way they could have influenced Egypt is Draco were in there already.

The octagonal shape is the “code” of the Earth (it is a 4 doubled) – so when one descends into the core of Earth, one would go thru the octagonal code structures (think of it as multidimensional construct for this Simulation. The “descent into the core” – and it is the same as core-star inside us, so it’s like descending into yourself, into the center of the planet as a Simulation, to correct/cleanup IPTN (inter-planetary-tunnel-network).

Here is a picture of what it would look like if one is descending into the core from the elemental view point (i.e. based on the original structure of the Simulation coming out of the Void and held by gravity, etc.):

this is a Simulation,like a huge computer game designed originally by Gaia. Many conscious species of the higher dimensions (Earth or not) can project into this Simulation via utalization of code/matrix of this Simulation. The ascended masters are people who graduated 3D, and some of them have knowledge of the code of the Simulation (not all). Some can make up a form that looks real but isn’t, if they have access to the code of the Simulation, and project their consciousness into it. But most of the time when you see “animals as messengers” or people who appear to deliver a message, then disappear – these are not actually here at all, they are conscious projections without the material substance. With animals it is way easier because anyone more conscious can overlay an existent animal and “deliver a message”.

DESTINY is your SOUL CONTRACT. It only LOOKS predetermined from the view point of the Ego personality 🙂We as Souls create our Soul Contracts for each lifetime. This means NOT some pre-set plan that we just then have to live thru (that’ll be not only boring, but also pointless!). Soul Contracts are PARAMETERS for learning within that particular lifetime. I.e. you design a complex plan of action to learn a particular lesson or to clean up particular karmic issue – that plan involves multiple variations (like if this person dies, you could marry this one instead, of this soul chooses to not incarnate you can have this other one as a back-up child, if this opportunity is not available because of other people’s choices then this other option is the way to go, etc.) This of it like this: each lifetime is a house and that house is HUGE – you have so many rooms, so many levels, so many types of design and furniture, so many different views from windows etc. Your lifetime is an EXPLORATION of that house – you can live all of it in one room and never venture into the hallway, you can run around exploring all the rooms, but never go to the next floor up, you can spend your life in a basement or attic, or you can pick some area you love and decorate it as you want because it has the best view, etc. – that is FREE WILL within the parameters of your house/soul contract for that lifetime. (I.e. you cannot chose to go live in someone else’s house! but you can explore everything in your own).

We do not only make a contract when we incarnate with particular people – the contracts are with any species – you can have a contract with an earthling, with starseeds, with guides, with Councils of Light (some of you are still linked to the councils of the races you came from), even to animals!!

I had a client once who had a contract with rhino soul group – he was living in UK but felt that Africa was home and rhinos needed him – he dreamed of them and just couldn’t reconcile that with the life of a civil engineer that was his day job! He talked to me and the very first thing I said (before he mentioned any rhinos) that there is a huge rhino standing next to him and it is a female rhino soul group leader and he has to do something for her because he promised. He nearly fell of the chair! Then he told me this whole story of “dreaming about rhinos since he was born”. So, he sold his flat, moved to Africa and started a rhino sanctuary – helping rhinos not go extinct on Earth. – that was a contract with an animal! 🦏🦏🦏🦏🦏

We build contracts with the other starseeds by the fact of being in Starseed Initiative project – some are with beings of our soul group/family, others are with fellow “light workers” on the similar projects… Some contracts we create after we entered into this Earth simulation when we meet other starseeds, relate and feel connected, and then want to experience that support and understanding with each other again (i.e. program to “meet again”).

Most of you have known me before because I led a few mystery schools in my time here on Earth and we were all involved in projects together before and pre-set to reconnect at the “end of time” (around or after 2012). Some of you who are Forerunners also know me personally from the other lives and this is a reason you are here in this group with us today – you are ready to continue your own journey and to be of service to the human race.

We all also have “smaller” contracts with people that we end up creating karmic links with – mostly earthlings – and these are the humans we end up choosing to meet again for a do-over or for clarification/healing, etc. We are NEVER responsible for anyone else but ourselves – but since most of us here are so much OLDER than the typical earthlings, we have a responsibility to use our Light and Wisdom to generate syntropy and become Sanctuary Spheres (lead by example).

People often wonder about the “old soul” vs “young soul” and how it all relates to incarnation?

The “age” of a Soul is linked to how long it has been a “Self” – i.e. Earthling soul group has only been a “Self” here on Earth and before that was in the Sun and before that – in the Source. Starseeds had been in many other places before Earth, thus had longer time of “being self” (self- I mean as individuated soul experience vs merged into Oneness).

The term “old soul” that humans use has nothing to do with lifetimes on this planet – it refers to the fact that you are a starseed (i.e. older than the earthlings).

Do we carry over karma from past lives on other worlds into Earth lives?

In order to LEAVE any simulation we must GRADUATE its experience. I.e. NO karma left. Karma is what KEEPS us reincarnating. Once there is karma (unfinished business) we have to return/reincarnate to learn it. 

When we remember human past lives on Earth, we can remember the causes/origin points of our karmic patterns. When we remember past lives on other worlds, there would have had to be a solution/lesson learned (even if we are remembering the trauma part) in order for us to have left that realm/simulation and move on.

HOLOGRAM is NOT about some “volumized image” that we in this culture currently call a hologram. That is a mis-translation of the whole term, and these images are about the light making up a photo – this is NOT what we are talking about. Hologram contains inside itself the information about all of itself, in the smallest component of itself. Hologram is a CONCEPT – not a thing. Many things can be hologram – like your DNA (it contains all of you in the smallest component of itself), but also many of the universal systems – this is why we are talking about the whole Universe being holographic – i.e. it is a giant TUBE TORUS, each galaxy is a tube torus, each star it, each planet is, your energy field is, each atom is, etc. – we are all ONE hologram.

FRACTAL means “self-similar pattern that repeats indefinitely in both directions” – as we “zoom in” to perception of something – that is called “compressed fractal” and as we “zoom out” of perception of something, it is called an “expanded fractal”. Again, fractals are CONCEPTS – not things. They can be applied to many different things – like your perception in the LS is a “compressed fractal of the universal hologram” and in the HS is the “expanded fractal of the universal hologram”. The images of fractals you see – these are simply computer-generated math formulas of these self-similar patterns. Self-similar means “doesn’t repeat exactly, but repeats in a pattern of itself while becoming compressed or expanded”.

SYNTROPY I have explained practically in all my posts, webinars and other materials 🙂 It is SELF-SOURCING (the pattern of Abundance). I.e. that something can live eternally because it is generating itself. The Universal tube torus is self-sourcing system, the Universe maintains itself. The opposite of syntropy is entropy – when the charge runs out (scarcity), it must be recharged or it dies. This is why all these negatively oriented races (service-to-self type) are in entropy and thus require to conquer someone to feed off, while all the conscious races (service-to-others, altruistic/harmonious) are in syntropy/abundance and experience various degrees of Oneness.

I know that this sounds somewhat abstract but… we are dealing with HOW THIS UNIVERSE IS MADE – i.e. obviously it is obstruct, since it is not linear, not literal, not form-based.

💙Understanding the larger concept and then seeing yourself as a integral component of that concept FREES you from limitations of time, form, and dimension, while allowing your to CREATE yourself and your path. We are leaning foundation steps for CREATING REALITY!!!💙

💛This is an incredible bundle of EXPANSION of your understanding of yourself. Tri-state of God Source is not “out there somewhere” – we ARE the tri-state!💛

🧡We are compressed holographic fractals of that syntropic tri-state – i.e. we each generate UNIQUE view of God Source (Universe) and enrich us all by broadcasting that view to all.🧡

Keep learning, integrating, and applying this to yourself. Expanding one’s consciousness to see oneself as God Source by understating the concepts in this month’s bundle is a path to truly freeing yourself from any limitations and CREATING your own REALITY. This is how any conscious star race awakened – and now we can too!

Everyone who got dizzy during the Fractal Holographic Syntropy bundle’ meditation – dizzy is actually very common with any higher than 5D dimensions! So you are on the right path   In the meditation I have encoded the 1D to 12D with the 13D-15D overlay – I had to record that thing 4 times because I kept crashing my computer or my camera equipment!!!

As you know, I encode ALL my bundles (especially meditations) with the energy overlays of what I am talking about. This is a very special set up. I had to go way out of the way, out of what most people do, in order to have this set up.

For the ones of you who do not know – I have my own server spot – that is only us, only TG, in it (in the Study Vault). That’s right – that is unheard of (unless you are a multi-million dollar company). Most people who have websites just buy a spot on a server – that means energetically you are linked/meshed with so many other people, but compartmentalized by math (your website “parameters”). This doesn’t matter for a normal website obviously, but…

Having your own server space means that there is no one else there but us. It is super expensive and most people do not do it because it is not really needed. We are special here in TG – and what we do with the Solar Council is on a frequency that cannot be interfered with – thus I had to set it up on a completely separate server area, etc.. And I have ALL my own equipment for video and sound, and editing – all of it is done by me so that I can overlay the energy codes onto the recordings (each bundle takes a long time to code as you can imagine but I want you guys to have the best possible access to the Solar Council energies). You are actually getting the energy charge from each bundle.

So, since the current bundle is such a huge range, it might be hard for some of your to “stretch into” – hence the “falling asleep”, or dizziness. It is ok, just keep going thru it and every time you do, it calibrates your field and body to that frequency so that it is more easily accepted by your system.

Love you all so much!!!!! – Eugenia

When someone dies, they are “the same person” only for the 40 days after death. After 40 days they are the Soul essence only – not a person as we know them, but a composite of all the lifetimes they had. But… inside the databanks of the Simulation stored the images/files of that person in every lifetime they had.

So, someone who knew them as a grandpa will be able to tune into that file/image and “feel grandpa”, and to someone else that same soul might have been a baby that died very young, so that mother will be able to tune into the image/file of that same soul as a “dear baby that died”. Both tuning into the same Soul, but experience it differently depending on the image/file they are accessing.

The Other Side of Life – that is still the Simulation. To exist the Simulation (i.e. to have access to multidimensional realities, or other worlds, etc.) one has to GRADUATE the Simulation – i.e. ascend. So until one does, when one dies, one is still inside the Simulation. This is why the Solar Council calls it “the other side” – it is still the Simulation, just without the body and the LS/Ego/HS personality that is anchored int he body, but the Soul is still in the Simulation. Since our true IDENTITY is the Soul essence, that is what we are on the other side, and while we are incarnate, it is the personality’s identity that we associate with who we are.

On the Other Side we do not have a form but the consciousness “makes up” a form that they are most closely associate with – usually the previous lifetime’s form, but in a healthy “most favorite” state. It is not a real body obviously, it is more of an image that the Soul itself hold for itself while still in the Simulation on the other side, non-incarnate. So, if someone was a strong man who then got old and weak, died, on the other side that Soul might choose to see itself as a “strong man” that he was in the previous lifetime. But it doesn’t have to – it might also choose to see itself as a child, or as a woman it was 3 lifetimes ago if that role was very dear to that Soul… None of it is actually there – it is an image that the Soul uses to “see itself” on the other side.

During the time on the Other Side, the Soul first reviews the lifetime and lessons (40 days), then rejuvenates (as long as it wishes – a day or a hundred years), then plans for the next lifetime (creates a new Soul Contract) and then incarnates.

The “feeling sorry for someone who died” – that is human mistranslation of processing grief by the ones who are left behind. There is nothing by celebration for the person who crossed over, but the people left alive have to deal with loss and that can be very painful – hence the mistranslation of the “sorry for your loss” into “feeling grief FOR the dead person”.

On the Other Side of Life (but still in this Simulation) the soul is able to access (after the 40 days “review”) its own past lives and missions, lessons, wisdom, and have an overarching view on it all – this goes into the planning of the next incarnation (Soul Contract). Earthling souls have guides like some other souls they related to before – who might have plaid significant roles in their lives and are wiser than them, and some lower angelic guides. Starseed souls when planning the Soul Contract have access to all their Earth lives but not all of their pre-Earth lives, some have advisers who are earthling souls but are wise (specialists), or ascended (like Shambala’s human souls are often in this guide position), or non-human guides who “have a visa” to be on the Other Side of this Simulation to advise select starseeds (these guides can open up some pre-Earth files if they are needed for the incarnation but most of the time they are not needed – since all our issues are Earth-based!)

Ascension Stairway is a DEFINITION of the Soul’s journey. The VALUE of each step is THE SAME. One is NOT better than the other. We ALL went thru ALL the stages at some point (only starseeds went thru the primary-college stagessomewhere else, not on Earth, and arrived to Earth already at the college level or above). 

It is beneficial to know which step the person is on when you relating to them – so that you know how to handle it. For example, if you are talking to someone in High Highschool “cause” stage, they will want you to “be involved” and won’t get why you don’t, think you’re complacent, etc. If you don’t recognize that you are dealing with the “cause” person, you might end up feeling guilty or questioning your own beliefs. Or, if you are talking with someone who is in the “tribal” stage and you don’t know this, you might end up getting very hurt by their “unconsciousness” (like politics!) and try to “wake them up” which will only feel more painful to you – vs knowing that “oh, this is a tribal person” and you won’t try to explain some higher spiritual truths to them. Knowing Ascension Stages is a USEFUL TOOL for functioning well in 3D Earth (Lower 3D and Higher 3D).

The ASCENSION STAIRWAY steps (I use the school system levels to describe them):

  • The primary school = young Souls who want family, babies, and basic comfort, not interested in anything else.
  • Middle school = tribal Soul level (most of people on Earth right now) – morphogenic fields represent the identity for these people vs. anything individual to them. These people are learning “belonging to the group” and “tribal identity”. This is also the level of “tribal warfare” (current financial, corporate, political, religious, spots, etc. systems)
  • Lower High school = selfish behavior, beginning of individuality stage. (a small % of top people on Earth) – these are negative leaders usually (politicians, like current president of US, corporate heads, financial heads). These Souls are learning individuality so they are interested in MANIPULATING the tribes (like a popular high-schooler who wants to manipulate middle-schoolers and look cool doing it, and doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as he wins). It is a disharmonious stage of moving form the tribal to oneness.
  • Higher High School = CAUSE stage of Soul development. These people are about causes – they progressing in individuality, standing up for something larger than themselves (can be positive or negative, balanced or not). These souls are positive leaders usually. This is the “knight in shining armor”, the “Joan of Arc”, the “let’s fix the world – if not us, then who?” people. It is also a disharmonious transitional step. All Forerunners begin at this level (below they are not Forerunners yet!)
  • College = this is the Compassion and Service step. Souls on this level KNOW that everyone is equal in the eyes of God Source. They are compassionate and more neutral. These are the people who will help the other regardless of any tribal affiliation (race, religion, money-status). This is the “good neighbor” archetype. All starseeds are AT LEAST at this level. This is the step of rudimentary understanding on Oneness.
  • Masters level = this is the step of “Relationship with God Source” and detachment. On this level Souls know that the Simulation and people cannot be “fixed”, they love unconditionally everyone and are able to not things personally, detached and linked to the Oneness. This is the step of understanding one’s relationship with God. MOST Starseeds are on this step.
  • PHD level = this is the step of Transcension – this is what I teach and this is what TG is all about. Transcension step of Soul development is KNOWING that you ARE God Source. (the “I am love, I am free, I am God”). This is actually stepping into your own divinity and being the Individualized Oneness (the Soul-Self).

The Transcension Spiral Path is NOT the ascension stairway – it is the transcension areas of how we learn. Different religions and traditions fall into each of the areas of this transcension spiral path – but ALL of the higher teachings are in the particular STEP of the Ascension Stairway. Ascension = vertical. Transcension = circle divided, or a spiral.

So, the Ascension Stairway is about the DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL – not the area of learning. I usually explain this thru the school system.

The 2 largest morphogenic fields in this Universe are the “service-to-self” and the “service-to-others” which define the type of consciousness an entity has.

The service-to-self and service-to-others are the Solar Council terms and are also used by the Angeli, Sirians, Pleiadeans, Lyrans, Vegans, Ameli, Urmah, Avians, Abgal, and many others. Service-to-Self means a being is in the “camp” is Separation perception and the most extreme of this camp is what we label “evil” (electric with no magnetic at all) – this is about “control over others”. Service-to-Others means a being is in the “camp” of Oneness and Individuality – some are more individuated (like Sirians or Pleiadeans) others are more towards group consciousness (like Cetacean or Angeli), but all are in Unity – this is about “control within oneself”, i.e. self-mastery!

Morphogenic fields, lasers, thought-forms…

Most people don’t know that LASER is actually a L.A.S.E.R (I think it’s called “acronym”?) for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is essentially “an excited Light” – it is built by the excited photos on the same wavelength. To make a laser, one would direct an electric current (i.e. electric energy is required to make a Laser!) thru a substance, so that the electrons in that substance become excited and move up to higher orbits; and once the electric current is stopped, the electrons return to their normal orbits but emit photos (light particles). All these emitted photons are of the SAME resonance because they were generated by the SAME electric current originally. This means that all these photons are coherent (match wavelength of each other) – this coherency is what we call a laser light. Coherency is also represented by one color (this is why lasers can only have 1 particular color). And all these coherent photon are flowing in the same direction (hence the DIRECTIONAL light of the laser, vs let’s say, a flash light with a diffuse photon emissions). And this coherency of the Laser beam allows it to stay focused for indefinite distances (like to the Moon, or to a star, and even back here to Earth if reflected!)

Morphogenic field is a coherency of electric and magnetic patterns, not really of photons (light particles) – otherwise we will be all glowing and the whole planet will be glowing all the time! 🙂 The MECHANICS of morphogenic field formation are more complex than the laser… so without going into too much nuclear physics here… here is the BASIC progression:

Thought-form (mental + astral) wave pattern acts as an electric current to rearrange the magnetic field further, which then synchronizes with other similar “rearranged patterns”, creating a coherent EM-field where the crests and troughs of the waves are all in lockstep because the “orbits” of the electrons are shifted in the same way, which generates a pull on the strong-force inside the atom nucleus, making it lock with others like it – linking into a coherent pattern of self-similar macro-systems (thought-forms generated by us). Morphic resonance is a macro-scale of connecting between the larger organisms thru precise coherent resonance.

A focused prayer or some other directive action by a group of people – that is a hybrid between the laser and the morphogenic field – it can direct the energy like the laser but without generating a visible light (photons are still “excited” by in the non-visual spectrum). This is what JOY energy is – the excited light particles that are ALWAYS excited – because the electric current that originally exited them is everlasting – the Tri-state of God Source 🙂

Country’s fields, Illuminati, Luminary…

United States as a country is a morphogenic field of a “child” and we are meant to courageously go beyond – break the boundaries of old. It is set up as a structure/concept by the Illuminati (not so good guys but with a larger vision that human race currently lacks) and Luminary (good guys of the mystery schools) as a project to free this planet.

Egypt is the anchor point of Luminari and Atlantis is the anchor point of Illuminati – two patterns united here in US to take us to the new level. This is the ONLY country in the world that doesn’t have the “possibility limitation’ field – here we can truly DREAM BIG. (and yes, all the crap is here too and plenty of people are limited, but at least here they REALLY don’t have to!) In other countries these cultural fields are very strong suppressers of true soul expression (but yes, anyone conscious can break thru even though, just takes more effort)

The actual political systems of socialism and communism are very flawed and take the very essence of individuality out – this is why they are negative. But the concept of a harmonious society is a possibility – yet it is only possible when all beings are on the same level of the Ascension Stairway consciousness development. This is why this worked well in the Kihshian society (they were all on the same level) and this is why it cannot work with the human experiment (we are all on different levels).

Avalokiteswara is a morphogenic field of compassion (a version of the Rosicrucian Christ energy). Many human people embodied that energy – the most known from the Buddhist culture is Guanyin – “the heart of lotus” (Chinese name Quan Yin – “the heart of mercy”). 

  • There are 12 levels in each dimension (etheric, emotional, mental, astral, truth, unconditional, conceptual, timeline, Christ/crystalline, Christ/Unity, Library, Oneness) – they repeat in EVERY dimension, but each dimension is vibrationally focused on the primary level
  • The 3D primary focus is the 3rd level, i.e. the mental (and thus the linear time)
  • The 4D primary focus is the 4th level, i.e. the astral (and thus the archetypal, symbolic, morphogenic)
  • The 4th level of EACH dimension is called the “astral level”
  • The “astral level” is about SHARED FEELINGS – symbolic, morphogenic, archetypal (vs emotional level which is about personal emotions)
  • These shared astral level feelings can conglomerate into morphogenic fields
    – Morphogenic fields can be PROGRAMS which are MADE by someone (positive or negative)
  • Morphogenic fields can be just synched together feeling energy (not programmed originally but manifested either thru communal prayers or thru rejected feelings by many people
  • Pre-set programs like Archetypal blueprint are whole planet-wide (they are pre-installed into this simulation), vs smaller morphogenic fields which are generated later (by the people).
  • Archetypal programs affect the astral levels of Simulations – i.e. the shared social consciousness fields.

Archetype is a PROGRAM not a person. Are programs here to “distract us from God”? – well, this body you are in is a program, so it this planet, and all the morphogenic fields and systems of thinking etc. So we LEARN thru the programs!

Archetype in the sense that I speak of (not psychology at all, but consciousness) is an ASTRAL LEVEL PROGRAM. yes, people can “pray to” it or “link to it”, etc. – depending on the archetype. Egregor is a similar term – it is a field on the astral level. Archetypal energies are the astral energies that affect humans (positively or negatively) – they are “feeling-type generalizations” of the type of energies.

Archetypal Soul Superpowers is a blueprint program that the Solar Council oversees – that is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of a PROGRAM – on the Simulation scale! 

It is not you “sending bad entities to the light” – if it was so easy, all unconscious beings in this Universe would have been conscious by now!! You are mixing up “morphogenic fields” and “entities”- this happens a lot because humans tend to attach personalities to energies…

Entities have free will and have to make their own choices – we can EDUCATE but not DEMAND them to be in the light or anywhere else for that matter.

Fields of consciousness are communal energies and these are the ones being affected by prayer etc. And most people are not in any way actually linked to entities in form that are reptilian – that is super rare (which is called “possession” – see in my Q&A personal my explanation of possession). Most people who have what is called “entity attachments” are not actually attached to a “person/entity” but to a field CREATED by human unconsciousness (and some entities too). Most commonly, they are just plugged into the Victim-Victimizer field – and this is what we are clearing up in TGM!

Suffering is “getting stuck in pain” due to resistance of experiencing it. Pain is a part of our existence in 3D. Thus suffering is NOT required. Pain is a part of life.

Many religions focused on the suffering but really meant “pain”. Enjoyment of suffering is the sadistic/masochistic brain wiring that is where the please brain center and pain brain center are linked in a way they normally are not supposed to. Psychopaths have this “sadistic wiring” of the brain. And many abused people overtime are calibrated to the morphogenic field of Victim/Victimizer – that means that many people carry a karmic pattern of “masochistic” imprint. All Ushumgal/Draco are psychopaths, and all hybrids they have bread are also psychopaths. Most people who want power, are overly electric, and get stuck in the selfish evolutionary phase of the Ascension stairway become psychopath. That pattern can stay for many lifetimes. Ushumgal had been in it for so long that they do not experience love at all – their pleasure is from consumption of others pain (and inflicted pain that one cannot escape we call “suffering”).

Ushumgal reptilians and some other “evil camp” races feed off the energy released when someone is scared or in pain. That energy can also be directed into a morphogenic field (that is the Victim/Victimizer) – so occasionally they do that to “strengthen the field”.

This is why we work with NEUTRAL THIRD POINT to balance out the Light and Dark. We are not taking sides and we do not jump into the “War of light and dark” (Pleiadeans did a while back and look where that got us!) We are going to LOVE the victim and the victimizer (which I must say confuses the hell out of Draco! I’ve done that a few times I met them and it was a very odd experience). Christian Church had moved away from the teachings of Yeshua into more of an organized controlling political structure in 325 AD at the Council of Nacea. Obviously there are many good people who follow the light of Christ that are not into all this suffering and are able to read between the lines and not take the Bible literally. There are many who feel the LOVE of Christ and it is not about suffering for them but about compassion, clarity of purpose, and service. But these are the more “enlightened Christians”. Christianity has an amazing occult/magical/esoteric side of symbolism and power that has nothing to do with the Church as such (and many were killed by the Church for it, like Jacques the Molay of Templars in front of the Notre Dame).

But majority of the Catholic Church infrastructure is linked to the Draco mentality unfortunately – because as an organization it is meant to control the masses – and what’s better than the promise of more suffering if you do not follow the rules, right? Fixation of the Church on the suffering is a means to FEED the Victim/Victimizer field – a perverted original intent of rejoicing in salvation of the Soul as it is released beyond matter.

On April 20th 2019 Notre Dame cathedral in France went up in flames. The damage was mostly to the steeple – it was burned to ashes.

Notre Dame is an amazing cathedral with so much sacred geometry in there and power. But a lot of that power encoded there by its builders was also utilized negatively as the Church amplified the divine to control the masses. The steeple had old wood carvings secretly added there after the death of Jacque de Molay (unjustly murdered by the Church) that were hidden from view high under the ceiling (there was no way to see it, even the tours that lead up there weren’t allowed into that portion). Then a few years ago the Church decided to “remodel” – supposedly to preserve that hidden area of the base of the steeple. In my view they took out a lot from there to be placed elsewhere, while wanting to open the area to the public. This “new” renovated spire is exactly the area that has burned to ashes (perhaps to conceal what was being removed) and the fire is now contained (the towers are not in danger). So much historic value lost which is horrible, but it does feel that somehow Maat activation is involved – perhaps to revealed deception of the Church and removal of the artifacts that the builders put in there. The energy of this fire goes right back to the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay who was killed by the Church by slow burning at the stake in front of Notre Dame cathedral on March 18, 1314 – and now Maat is “burned the cathedral”.

How to unplug from non-human morphogenic fields technically? Especially if these fields are linked to the pre-Earth incarnations on the other worlds and the trauma/PTSD is carried from there in the Soul-Self as an imprint? 4 people asked this questions in different ways, so here is the answer for you:

The morphogenic field is a vibratory range, thus us to “plug” into it means we are vibrating IN THAT range. When we choose to unplug from a field like this, we must vibrate at the frequency that does NOT include the energy-range of the morphogenic field we are unplugging from. This is the basic rule of any “unplugging from the field”.

If there was a trauma in another world (not Earth) that is similar and so deeply affected the Soul that this lesson became the part of the Soul-Self, then it gets carried over wherever the Soul incarnates. Notice I am saying LESSON not TRAUMA. I.e. there was trauma, then the lesson WAS LEARNED in that lifetime elsewhere (or the Soul could not have graduated to move onto other Simulations!) The lesson is linked to trauma, but the key here is to link it to SERVICE.

For example, a Soul was traumatized by an event on some other world where it was trapped/felt like a victim. It recovered, regained its power, learned the lesson. But the trauma imprint is still in there in the Soul-Self as a PART OF THE LESSON. Then this Soul comes to incarnate on Earth – it will natural have a sensitivity to the Victim/Victimizer morph field because it is in the range of its trauma/lesson from the past. This means that this person will be either associating with the victim, or victimizer, or fighting it. Now, at this point is the key intersection: if this person stays within the range of fear based on the past trauma/lesson from before Earth, it will be “plugged in” the Victim/Victimizer field. If this Soul chooses to SERVE through its pain/trauma, while standing in one’s identity, then it will “unplug” from this field and actually affect the field positively (diminish its power).

In other words, we become the anti-virus by being infected first, then waking up inside the “story”/morph field. The Universal Law is that we cannot affect something unless we are a part of it (this is why we incarnate in the first place, otherwise we would have just “beamed” our knowledge here!) We must become a part of a negative field first (plug in), then wake up inside this state and claim our power/lesson from the past trauma, and by doing so we become the anti-virus for the “infection” of Separation that this negative morph field represents. I. e. instead of focusing on the trauma we focus on the service.


There are TYPES of energies, and there are their TRANSLATIONS into our understanding – someone who is more heart/feeling based translates magnetically, someone who is more mind/comprehension based translates electrically. Both are valid and represent the SAME energy resonance. Sometimes it clicks in better for an electric person to hear it magnetically, or for a magnetic person to hear it electrically. Most spiritual schools on Earth (including New Age) use magnetic terms. I usually don’t, but because of Cetaceans and because the magnetic ones are more common, I used them.

  1. FAITH is a magnetic way of saying ALIGNMENT. Having Faith (magnetic)/Alignment (electric) means a deep TRUST in something, an energy-congruence. In our situation we are talking about “trusting your mission on Earth” and “trusting the God Source” (this means that you KNOW that there is a Universal Law outside of duality and even if you are stuck in some perceptional separation, you trust that that “beyond duality” part is still present, even if you can’t feel it). From electric perspective it will be: “Alignment with God Source/Universal Laws”, and “Alignment with your mission on Earth”. Faith/Alignment are “states of being” – i.e. you are either in or not, no in between.
  2. HOPE is a magnetic way of saying MEANING. When we have Hope (magnetic)/Meaning (electric) – we feel “options, possibilities” and life is “worth living”. Hope/Meaning require our participation – it takes effort to have Hope, to give Meaning to something.
  3. JOY is a magnetic version – a bubbly sped-up energy on Oneness Resonance. The electric version of saying Joy is “Exhilarated Light”.
  4. GRATITUDE is a magnetic version, and Appreciation is an electric one.
  5. Faith/Hope/Joy are activated by Gratitude. Electric version: Alignment/Meaning/Exhilarated Light are activated by Appreciation.

Joy is a self-sustaining energy and knowing that it is out there all the time gives you freedom of choice – to tune into it or not. If tuning into Joy is hard or not happening – look for what will your LS lose by experiencing Joy? (that’s the clue to the solution).

There is an NEGATIVE ELECTRIC version – the “aggressive” (it occurs when someone is overly electric with not enough magnetic in them – no empathy) and then there is a NEGATIVE MAGNETIC version – the “passive-aggressive” (that occurs when one is overly magnetic and there is not enough electric/boundary/mind).

Too much separation – aggression, merging – passive-aggressive. They are THE SAME, just in different polarities.

But overtime it became very acceptable to talk about “bad electric” (aggressors) but someone it was not allowed to talk about “bad magnetic” – they were the “poor victims”. This is the Victim/Victimizer morphogenic field and so many people are plugged into it. That one has to lose for someone else to win. That one who is obviously aggressive is “bad” but someone who on the surface is passive and “nice” is “good” (even though they are just as aggressive on the inside but hide it well).

So, the solution here is DETANGLE YOURSELF from these fields. We are not in the business of “fixing the world” but in the mastery work of self-awakening, i.e. if you are frustrated by this particular passive-aggressive issue, look for it inside yourself. Why are you attracting it into your life? why does it trigger you? Where are you plugged into the same field? How does your LS use “false niceness” as a way to hide your desire to judge or be aggressive? How are you not allowing yourself to free your own Fire (i.e. get angry and then clear it up, instead stifling/suppressing it so it might come out sideways as passive-aggressive)?

We only attract what must be cleared, or it wouldn’t bother us. 

The “positive” means CONSCIOUS and in ONENESS, i.e. syntropic. The “negative” in higher dimensions means CONSCIOUS only electrically but not magnetically, i.e. NOT in ONENESS – entropic.

Magnetic is NOT better than electric, or the other way around. They have equal value. On Earth the New Age movement is bringing back the suppressed feminine, so it makes it sound like “all male is bad” and “all female is the right way to go” – not true. But because the masculine (over-electric) was a ruler here for a long time, the feminine is waking up now – not to take over but to balance out itself and the electric.

It is incorrect to think that “magnetic = oneness” and “VT = electric”. Oneness is both – obviously since the Universe is electro-magnetic! And being in VT means being an individual – some people are more electric some are more magnetic. Heart is not such a huge deal as everyone makes it out to be – there are ways to get to the same expanded state that work just as well – like the 9th chakra pathway, or the MTN, etc. Heart chakra is just one of the way – but because it is INSIDE the shape of the physical body, it is easier to FEEL thru the body. I myself prefer MTN to connect to Oneness, because I am not really body-oriented (i.e. i perceive much more thru my field than my body). But most people tend to try to feel energy thru the physical body (which is not very efficient, but good to start at) and this is why the heart chakra has been talked about so much – energy flow thru it can be felt in the body (actually, it simply activates the MTN and this is the body-sensation when the heart is open).